Personal Retreats and Groups

In the Gospel of Mark, Jesus encouraged His disciples to get away with Him, by themselves, to a quiet place and rest. (Mark 6:31) Today's ministry demands are no less complex that the followers of Jesus faced and now it is just as important for missionaries, pastors, Christian educators, crisis pregnancy workers, Christian radio announcers, and others in fulltime Christian service to make time to be with their Master.

Fairhaven, with its quiet, mountain setting makes a perfect place to draw away from the stresses and distractions of our lives. Here, you can enjoy the privacy of your chalet or cottage without a T.V. or a telephone to interrupt your quiet time with God. A library in your guest housing can encourage you to dig deeper or we have study meditations to help you spend some extended time looking into the Word. Also available are guidelines that can be used to help you spend your days with your attention focused on God alone.

Many church leaders use their time at Fairhaven in prayer and fasting, seeking God's will for their ministry. Others come with fellow leaders to draw near to God together.

Group Retreats

Fairhaven is a great place for groups!  Our facilities are ideal for family reunions, churches or other organizations that want or need to spend time together.  Two lodge meeting areas with full kitchens in each, provides for a wonderful setting for meetings and meals.  Groups prepare their own food as Fairhaven does not provide food service.  For more details call 423-772-4269.



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